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Working out a Schedule

18 November 2019

I am trying to work out a system for getting things done whilst Dad is in hospital. My plan for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (my teaching days), is to get up as early as possible so that I can get something done outside before I go to the Hospital, spend a couple of hours with Dad’s and then return in time to teach at 3.30 / 4.00pm.

Today Aideen came outside to help, which was brilliant. She started digging over the lower bed of the Vinery and adding compost. She also finished spreading soil over the wild flower area in the mini Orchard. This freed me up to start removing Dahlias, which I have got to rather late, and it has been worrying me. I started on the beds surrounding the fountain, digging up the tubers, cutting off the dead foliage and placing them labelled in the cold frames to dry out. I felt as if progress was made and went off to see dad.

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