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Working Mothers Day


It is a beautiful sunny day today but apparently it is set to change tomorrow. Therefore, although I start to work inside the polytunnel I decide to move outside as soon as soon as possible to make the most of the weather.

Yesterday I managed to sow one 84 cell tray of Gaura Lindheineri 'Sparkle White', Foxglove, 'Pams Split' and some more Dahlia 'Bishops Children'. This tiny bit of gardening was squeezed between playing at the Mothering Sunday service in church and playing at our music school concert; Wagner- Meistersingers Overture, Brahms Double Concerto and Vaughan Williams 6th Symphony - very enjoyable concert but not exactly a day off for Mothers Day! However, I mustn't complain as all three of my girls played in the concert with me which was a joy!

Having had such a busy week, with very little gardening, I have had a few moments of anxiety thinking of all the jobs that need doing before the Open Day in 3 weeks. I write another is very long... not sure if this helps to make me feel better but at least it helps me to not forget things. I remind myself that I am creating a garden to be appreciated all the time and I must not get too worried about how it looks on certain days. Aideen comes outside and tells me not to worry and offers to deadhead the daffodils which was much appreciated.

A quick note on progress over the weekend with other projects before the Open Day. A good start has been made on laying the bricks for the paths in the fruit cage. I realised this evening when I was teaching, that Patrick, Aideen, Meave and James were outside pointing the bricks which shows great dedication to duty! Aideen has painted the outside door next to the swing seat and the playhouse has been assembled at the end of the herbaceous border where it is awaiting its 'Tudor make over'.

Returning to today's progress - I have now planted most of the flower seeds that I intend to grow from scratch. Today I sowed an 84 cell tray of 21 Cosmos - Polidor Mix (came free with Gardeners world mag) and French marigolds, Zenith - (21), Defender (21) and Alumia Mix -21. I planted another 84 cell tray with 21 Amaranthus, Crimson Fountains Mix, 21 Honesty,Lunaria, 21 Poppy Pandora (from Gardeners World Magazine) and 21 Tallulah Belle Blush poppy. I then planted an 84 cell tray of Yellow Californian Poppy - Butter Bush. Californian poppies are brilliant, I don't think there is a better orange in any other flower. I then came outside and finished planting the Peacock Tiger bulbs around the fruit cage (c80). I also planted out the last root trainer of broad beans, 21 Crimson Flowered - these are supposed to be less vulnerable to aphid attack. The broad bean bed is now full!

Finally I planted out the 3 blueberry bushes that did not fit in the fruit cage, in the bed with my existing blueberries. These were one each of Gold Traube, Dixi and Spartan. Before going in I noticed my root trainers of Ipomoea, Cardinal Climber and Morning Glory look a bit unhappy. It may have been too cold for them in the night so I decide to tuck them up in my DIY extra protection shelves tonight!

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