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Winter Bedding

Today is not such great weather, it is quite cold (it was really cold last night, but not a frost yet). I hung up 2 hanging baskets outside the front door. I was able to have a generous bowl of raspberries today mixed with the last of the guava and blueberries, I am impressed as always with our prolific raspberries. I then added 6 small heather plants to the heather section of the Alpine beds. I planted out two sinks in the back garden and the old bucket by the back door.

I helped Patrick to level the two troughs by the polytunnel by placing bricks underneath and I then filled them with compost and planted them with heathers, skimmias, and pansies. They look great, and fit in beautifully with the style of the polytunnel - so thank you Roz for allowing us to re-home them. I put my aromatic curry plants into 3 different containers in the herb garden. I cut some of my garlic chives to combine with 2 of Pecky's eggs that I have in a sandwich for lunch. She has laid again today and has obviously settled into laying one egg per day as a routine which is brilliant. The eggs were delicious! I finished the day weeding the herb beds at the top of the garden and I started to plant out the thyme which also smells fantastic.

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