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Will anyone arrive by mistake?


Last year we were fortunate enough to come 3rd in Kitchen Garden's magazine 'Passionate Plotter' competition. In the resulting article about our garden it included dates about our future open days, and unfortunately one of the dates of our open days was wrong and it said our second open day would be the 29th of May instead of the 27th of May. The magazine very kindly put in a correction the following month, but I was worried that some people might not have seen it, so I put a note on the door saying to beep their horn if they arrived by mistake, luckily no one came.

It was not nice weather, chilly and quite rainy. I decided to work on the central border beds closest to the fountain. The soil is hard and dry everywhere, so I soaked it and added compost, which will hopefully hold in some moisture. I then planted out Alan's amaranthas, tithonias, Ammi magus, two blue salvias, my hardy chrysanthemums and verbena Endurascape and Honesty. Just to complicate things, Patrick casually informed me that the bed on the fruit cage side will be losing a strip, 1 foot wide, of its edge, because presently it is not symmetrical with the bed on the other side. This meant all the bulbs and plants in this strip had to be moved as well. I have to come in fairly early to give a student an extra lesson and also to get my hair done. I decide to have a shorter cut which I hope will suit me and be easier to care for! Notice my priorities, less time of hair, more time on garden!

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