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Wild Bees


The weather is much better today and the temperature is going up but I'm still suffering from being distracted, Diane is in bed and understandably miserable. I then take Aideen to the dentist. Its always a bit of a shock to the system going back to work after the summer holidays - not that I'm exactly sitting around in the summer break! But in term time I have to be more disciplined, I need to get going quicker in the mornings to be able to achieve a reasonable amount outside before I start work in the afternoon. (Today I'm working 4:00-10:00pm). I'm sure I will settle down soon and it's lovely to see all my pupils and hear their news, and some of them have even practised! But I do have to hit the ground running - there is a concert this weekend, the music school Extravaganza, which is on Sunday, so even the weekend is completely taken up with work (music school on Saturday and playing in church Sunday). However, I'm sure I will get back into the swing of things soon. I seem to be mainly deadheading and watering outside and I discover two colonies of wild bees (probably masonry bees) nesting in a raised bed. They are very sweet little bees with quite pronounced stripes and they busily fly very low over the ground, there are lots of them and they all jostle around their tiny holes! They have taken over the disturbed ground (these are the areas that have been dug up by squirrels and badgers) around my newly planted winter salads - maybe it makes it easier for them to burrow and nest. These plants have had a lot to contend with, first being repeatedly dug up by a squirrel and now sharing their bed with hundreds of tiny bees! Tonight I cook shepherds pie (with a small amount of courgette!) beetroot, runner beans and sweet corn- 8 this time! 15 sweetcorn consumed this week!

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