• Kay

Weedy Compost!


I don't get outside as quickly as I hoped, various phone calls and admin jobs have kept me in the house and the first thing to do when I get outside is caterpillars! This is what upset me when I discovered them, apart from the destruction that they cause it is the massive waste of my time (time that I do not have) as I try to remove them. But however, pathetic and pointless my retaliation might be, I would never forgive myself if I didn't try to remove them and save the hedge. I then weeded my cannas, these pots are so full of lush healthy weeds you can hardly see the Cannas growing through and why is this? Because I used my own compost! I should market it as a wildflower.weed mix! When the cannas reappear from the undergrowth and look more respectable I put them in the cold frames with the begonias. I run out of time again and have to go in to clean up before my rehearsal.

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