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Weeding in a swimming costume


We had some heavy rain last night, which I can see the garden has appreciated. Today I weeded the newly planted carrots, radishes and spring onions in the cold frames, they are doing well and the radishes are big enough to eat. I then decide to take the blanket weed out of the pond…properly…this involves getting in the pond, which is 3ft deep, so a swimming costume is required! I am poised on the top of the steps when Aideen calls out that Andy ( our occasional volunteer weeder) has arrived. I hastily wrap a towel around myself and we discuss which bed he is going to weed. He does look rather bemused at my attire but is relieved that I haven’t asked him to weed the pond. He disappears into the sweetcorn and I climb into the pond. It is amazing how quickly blanket weed develops, I gather it up ( you never get it all) and leave it lying on the side, this allows any creatures caught up in it time to return to the pond (hopefully). I return a few pond skaters and water-boatmen myself and go and get changed. I then plant 6 achillea (cloth of gold) that have been lurking in the polytunnel for months, into the back of the field border where they might increase summer colour. I add in the few remaining perennial osteospermums that nearly got forgotten in the cold frame, and I then picked a big bowl of strawberries and raspberries which I mixed with banana, greek yogurt and our honey - fantastic! I spent the rest of the day removing field bind weed form the potato quarter. Aideen continued to paint the kitchen - it is already looking so much better.

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