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Wedding ring miracle!


Some months ago I took off my wedding ring, because I knew it was getting too tight, using the 'string round the finger' method. I then put it somewhere safe, and then completely forgot where it was. After various fruitless searches (I wasn't too worried because I knew i t was somewhere safe!) I decided at the Christry Moore concert, that I really needed to know where it was. Patrick and I both need our wedding rings enlarged and as we are coming up to our 30th wedding anniversary it would be good to get them sorted out together. So I said a little prayer, and went to check out my underwear drawer which I had a vague memory about - although I had checked it before. I thought it would be a lovely boost if I found it, and it would energise me for the day. Well after a quick rummage, the wedding ring literally bounced out of the drawer and into my hand. (I had put it safely into a little plastic pocket, and me moving things in the drawer caused it to pop out). Even though there was probably a logical explanation, it felt like a miracle to me and it certainly gave me the boost needed to be outside by 7am. I already had my list, written the previous day on the train and it was long list. I started my tidying the auriculas, dead heading etc. - this job is always a pleasure, as it's accompanied by the gentle buzzing of bees and numerous other pollinating insects. I then moved up to the 'children's garden' and I decided to replace some plants which have already finished blooming with some geraniums and cosmos. I then weeded the cottage garden beds at the back of the house and the bed at the front of the house, watering everywhere at the same time because it is so dry! I then weeded the rose border and watered thoroughly because the colourful heucheras at the front of the border do not appreciate being baked. I then started work on the central borders, picking some caterpillars out of the baby box hedge as I see them - they do literally hide behind leaves when they see a human! Meave carries on spraying the box hedge with XenTari. Aideen has to practise because she is playing at the open day with her friend Amy who plays the flute, as soon as she can stop, she comes out to help me by picking off leaves affected by 'peach leaf curl'. However, she is then stolen by Patrick! He has decided to cut the beech hedge and needs her help, I am not impressed as I do not consider this to be a priority! Mary comes to help and weeds the parking area, and sweeps some paths. I carry on with the central boarders (a big job!) and notice some plants suffering from lack of water and have to do some watering (these are plants you would normally expect to be quite tough). Andy (Emma's dad) arrives to do some weeding. I give him a vegetable bed to do, which he weeds beautifully! I then give a quick 'weed check' on both side borders, and start weeding and watering the fruit tree border and then there is a massive down pour for about 5-10 minutes. Before it gets dark, I have a quick high speed weed of the old brassica beds and Meave and Aideen come to help. Diane came home Saturday night and had been going around the garden religiously tidying up. She is brilliant at this, she has the highest standards in the family! The marquee goes up in the dark, James (who has been at cricket) comes back late and paints signs. We finally come in at 10pm and rehearse the 'Arcades music' for tomorrow and talk through Diane's music for her performance next week. we then start cleaning the public areas of the house and I make two sponge cakes. Poor Diane has to stay up all night writing a story board for her final performance!

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