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Weather Change!

23/9/2020 Today there is a dramatic change in the weather. It has rained in the night, the temperature s dramatically lower and as the day progresses there are repeated heavy showers of rain. It is hard not to have mixed feelings about this meteorological turnaround. We certainly needed some rain so its presence is appreciated, however, this late summer sunshine has been wonderful and the garden has looked so beautiful. Inevitably, now the ‘end is nigh’ flowers will fade and fall and a new season is about to begin.

Aideen is thankful that she has collected and pressed such a substantial quantity of flowers because now they will be too wet to use and would rot. This will now give her plenty to do producing her beautiful artistic creations during the winter months, some of which she possibly may sell in the new year. Her precious boat is arriving on Saturday and she is full of plans about how to make the most of the limited space inside this compact vessel. She even tuned her harp and changed a string yesterday so I’m confident that she will be happily filling her time over the coming Covid restricted months alongside helping her dad in the office.

Diane and Aideen continue with various jobs inside and out, Mickey is not with us at present so the wall repairs have presently ceased. The top of the wall that was most recently restored is now uncovered – it has to be covered with hessian for the initial drying period of the lime mortar and it looks brilliant.

Aideen and Diane spent a day tidying up the compost yard, spreading wood-chippings and having a bonfire.

I started the day outside uncovering the beds in the cold frames to make a start on sowing carrots, spring onions and radishes. This is late, but worked well last year. When the weather became very wet I decided to come inside and continue with writing the talk for the horticultural societies because I’m conscious that our first date for this new venture is the 22nd October which is less than a month away. Writing the talk is quite a major exercise because I am attempting to describe our entire 25-year journey. Also, sourcing relevant photos can be challenging because they are not all conveniently in albums and the more recent pictures are lurking in computers and need to be unearthed by the more techno savvy members of the family.

It was interesting carrying out my teaching in this more inclement weather as I am trying to maintain good ventilation. This means all the windows in the music room are open, as is the lobby door. When I teach my wind players they sit at one end of the lobby and I sit inside the door of the music room to give us about 6m distance between us (this is because wind instruments, particularly flutes, are considered high risk). At several points during my teaching there was a heavy down pour and we had the lobby door open. This was very noisy and quite chilly which caused some amusement with my pupils and we agreed that as winter progresses, we will have to dress more appropriately! I am just relieved that I’ve managed two weeks of work and pray I can continue, whatever the weather.

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