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Watering in the rain


This morning I am out early watering, particularly the organ pipe bed. The larger leaved primulas in particular flop very quickly. I am surprised that the hostas, by contrast, seem to cope very well. I have always assumed that hostas would require quite moist soil, but they seem to be thriving on this rather poor, dry, semi-shaded spot. I have planted the hostas to form a swirling river of leaves following the curving line of the organ pipes. This has worked really well and I am delighted by the effect of the different hosta leaf shapes, colours and textures except…some of the smaller more recently planted hostas have been completely eaten, just leaving a bunch of stalks. This happened several weeks ago and amazingly one particularly munched specimen is now growing back new leaves, what an admirable plant!

My make shift toe splint fell off this morning and sure enough the toe is swollen and very bruised so I think yesterday’s diagnosis is correct. I would like to avoid too much walking but that is impossible round here! Whilst at the front of the house I also water the hydrangea bed which is looking really lovely with a fantastic selection of different blooms – I think there are about 15 different hydrangeas in the bed. Despite there now being a fine drizzle, I continue watering my new planting; the rose bed from yesterday, auricula theatre (easy to forget), fruit cage containers and outside beds, the mount, fountain bed planting and new zinnias around the leeks. Although the garden will appreciate this light rain, it isn’t enough to penetrate the soil, which is why I am watering in the rain.

My main work today is to weed the ‘manuka’ beds in the vegetable garden. These beds have probably only been weeded once this year and are quite overrun. They contain the beautiful blue flax which now requires cutting back, which might cause it to flower again. Also, unfortunately two of the beds are in the quarter of the garden that is infested with field bind weed. When these beds are cleaned up, I plan to add my tray of pennisetums as there are already some of these in the beds.

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