• Kay

Watering Dilemma


I got up early to try to finish remaining watering before my doctors' appointment at 8:50am. I feel very conflicted about watering, on the one hand I know it is necessary for my young newly planted tender vegetables, without watering they will die. However, I never feel I've watered them enough, it is hard to really soak the soil, my efforts are no substitute for rain. At the same time I feel guilty for watering at all and feel I should plant drought tolerant plants. Much of the garden does cope remarkably well with little rain, but even these plants will become parched when rain is very infrequent. On my return from the doctors, having been depressingly informed that my bone density scan shows I have Osteoporosis in my lower spine, I start sorting out the cannas prior to planting - another list required. The doctor informs me that my aching back is not caused by the Osteoporosis and that 'load bearing' exercise (pushing barrows) and vitamin D (sunlight) are good for me. I therefore deduce gardening is good, and the backache is an occupational hazard and decide to 'keep calm and carry on'. I have 44 cannas to plant, I dig over each area, soak and add compost. Later when it is time to start watering I have a slight breakdown when i realise the little Bonsai tree in the miniature Japanese garden, looks stressed through lack of water - I think it has been forgotten for a few days - i shed a few tears and try to revive it and brush away dead leaves. It reminds me how easily things can be forgotten.

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