• Kay

Very sore back!


Both Aideen and I have very sore backs today, I felt slightly less bad that it wasn’t just me, hopefully it was caused by hard work rather than just being old!

It is a very drizzly day and I don’t really get any real gardening done. I spend ages puzzling over this years bulb order, working out which new areas need bulbs and the quantities required. One completely new area will be Patricks terraced mount - he also wants plants to hang over the walls - at this rate it will be like a mini ‘hanging gardens of Babylon’. The annual bulb order is always a major purchase for the garden as I plant thousands of bulbs, even using the trusty Parkers catalogue it will still be a reasonable outlay! The chicken and pasta dish this evening also includes several of my small aubergines, basil, chilli, tomatoes and courgettes. In contrast to the little aubergines I pick some enormous tomatoes!

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