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Very productive day!


I started today by sorting out the bulb boxes - this can be a monumental task as there are hundreds of bags of bulbs and they are quite mixed up. I need to sort them into boxes according to what will be planted together, because I have a clear plan of what needs to go where and the quantities required. I also have to check everything has arrived.

This does not take as long as it has done in the past because I do not have as many varieties as previous years and this simplifies things and I'm finished by lunch time. I then plant out another root trainer of sweet peas whilst it is still raining. This one contains Gwendoline Bouquet Mix and Mumsie. I then decide it is dry enough to go out and start planting bulbs.

I start in the organ bed where I put in 3 varieties of Camassia (15 in total). I've never grown this early summer flowering bulb and I hope it will suit this bed. I then planted 60 'Pipers End' Narcissi on the inside edge of the box hedge. This is a beautiful pure white, sweetly scented Narcissus that flowers in May and will be a lovely addition to this bed.

I then manage to plant a further 100 mixed daffodil and Narcissus bulbs in front of our beech hedge and along the edge of the grass parking area at the entrance to the drive. I will be planting another hundred bulbs in this area but I had to stop because it became too dark to see what I was doing!

I was very pleased with this start to the bulb planting season - 175 bulbs planted - only another 5000+ to go!!! However, the type of bulbs planted today are the toughest, they each need an individual hole - so each bulb requires me to squat down and get up to make the next hole...175 times! Not bad for a woman of my age! (fortunately not all of the remaining 5000 bulbs will need individual holes).

I then go and pick a tray of French beans for dinner whilst I can still just about see.

I pick tomato and basil from the polytunnel and collect potatoes. Tonight I'm making a big quiche, Lyonaise pot, green beans and salad. I decide to put the light on in the tunnel and finish sowing the sweet peas. Two more root trainers of Mumsie, Our Harry, Terry Wogan, High Scent, William and Catherine, and Scarlett Tunic. A very productive day!

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