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Very kind visitors


There is another visit today, but I try to fit in some proper gardening in the morning. I've grown some Honesty plants and I plant these out amongst the newly planted Amaranthus. I am trying to think ahead to the Augst Bank holiday National Garden Scheme opening and I'm aiming to put in plants that will give late summer interest. I also planted a ice plant and a verbena bonariensis to fill in some gaps and I planted out two perennial Cosmos.

This afternoon's visit is being organised by a friend of mine from Trinity Orchestra. The group includes some musicians from the orchestra and some members of her book club. They are another lovely group and made lots of positive comments. Because the group was slightly smaller, it was easier to conduct the tour. The bigger groups take longer because there are more people to lose on the way! After the group leaves I have to get organised for the private visit tomorrow. This is an all day visit, including lunch, for a much smaller group. I haven't organised one of these since last year and I'm a bit nervous about it. We also have to rehearse the music for Diane's theatre piece as we are going to Bristol for an 'all day' rehearsal on Sunday and we haven't looked at the music since Easter.

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