• Kay

Very hot all day!


This hot and dry weather has been continuing for some time and watering is becoming an issue. I got up early and ended up watering for 3 hours - I hadn't been able to water the previous night because I had too much work. Watering causes a great dilemma - I don't want to waste so much time on it, but if I don't do it the new plants (and some established plants) will not survive. The survival of the plants is our first priority! I then spend some time deadheading and tying things up and then it is SO hot I have to water the polytunnel again! I then weed all the back triangles of the central borders, in preparation for planting the cannas.

The soil in these triangles is awful - hard and dry. I will have to soak these areas and cover in compost before planting. I tidied up the 4 palms which are planted in these areas, removing dead leaves and trimming damage off of good leaves. After my rehearsal and shopping for dinner, I go out and water until 12:30. I will pray for rain!

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