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Venerable Donkey and Birthday Quartets

Updated: Apr 24, 2019


One week before opening our garden to potentially hundreds of people, I probably should not be processing through the village, playing my clarinet with daughter Diane playing the bugle behind the vulnerable Palm Sunday donkey (Mikey the donkey is 41!). I then rush to spend all afternoon playing in a quartet, with all three daughters, at someones 90th Birthday Party. I really must learn to say no...however, I think this characteristic is genetic in the McHugh family, it even came up in a personality test Meave had to do at work...She came out as a 'defender' type - a characteristic of which was an inability to say no! What a surprise. We rush home after playing 'Happy Birthday' and we are all outside by 5:00pm.

I manage to persuade Meave to continue to help me with the weeding. This is probably a mistake as she must be the slowest, most unenthusiastic weeder, however, any help is better than none.

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