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VE Day

8 MAY 2020

It is another very warm day, making it even more sad for all the lovely celebrations that were planned for today that have now been cancelled because of this horrible virus, and particularly poignant that many of those who have now died are of the generation that had survived the war and celebrated the original VE day. We did not treat the day particularly differently to normal, although we did all come in at 3pm and made the toast and listened to Churchill’s speech and the various beautiful readings on the TV.

Patrick spent time securing the caravan, bringing down its legs making it level and sturdy, we all sat inside at one point and discussed what things needed replacing or refurbishing inside. It was agreed that it was very nice and peaceful in the caravan and we were very gald that we had kept it. Later in the day grandad managed an entire circuit of the orchard on his walker, he was determined to see the caravan and gave it his seal of approval.

I had to do some serious watering in the organ bed, my new primulas were looking quite sad but this is also because something, badger or squirrel keeps trying to dig them up!

I then started to help Diane clear the area (our old compost bin yard) where the caravan had resided previously, because it was a complete mess! Our plan is to temporarily use this area as a recreation place, we intend to move Diane’s basketball hoop there, bring out the wonky table tennis table and try to set up a pool that we bought for the girls years ago that was never used – we are hoping it hasn’t disintegrated or been eaten by slugs! We think it is worth the effort to get this stuff in place because it will give us some exercise and fun and will give everyone a break and distraction.

One of the things that needs attending to is a very smelly barrel full of last years’ comfrey fertiliser. We need to move the barrels to the new compost yard, so I gradually empty it with watering cans, partly diluting it with water then feeding it to all the roses in the garden. Probably one hundred and thirty of them, I hope they appreciate it.

From mid afternoon until about 9pm, very loud music wafts across the fields. There must be a street party across the road – just hope they are all social distancing!

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