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Unguided Tour


We had Bushey and Oxhey Tangent group coming today for a visit. They had already decided not to have refreshments (therefore were visiting at a reduced rate) but unfortunately their numbers reduced to the point where having a guided tour became unviable for the price they were paying. However, they decided to come anyway and have a short introductory talk, then walk around on their own. This worked out very well, and they seemed very happy with their visit and then went off to have lunch at the Kings Arms. I carried on gardening - in my shower cap which caused some amusement, I do look like Mrs Tiggywinkle - and they came to speak to me if they had questions. I managed to plant out a large bed with 3 root trainers of sweetcorn which I underplanted with nasturtiums and surrounded with Californian poppies. I then weeded the adjacent bed in preparation for the remaining sweetcorn.

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