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Ugly duckling to beautiful swan


Andy arrives early to do some watering, which he does for over an hour, this is great as it frees me up to do something else. I weed the polytunnel. Rather amusingly I later discover that he offered to do the watering because he thought it looked more interesting than weeding...however, after an hour of standing with a hosepipe he realised it is just as tedious as all the other jobs! I love my garden with a passion and I love being in it, whatever I am doing but I cannot pretend that watering or weeding for hours on end, is exciting - I get by, by letting my mind day dream and imagining how things will look in the future. This is probably why I come up with so many crazy ideas, but it serves as an excellent distraction, that and radio 4! I then go to Nik's nursery and buy a selection of plants to fill in any gaps remaining in the borders - very reasonably priced as usual. Nik is a very good man, he tells me his wife and the man who works for him and his wife are all coming to our open day tomorrow. As soon as i come home I plant the plants, some go into the children's garden, and I add plants to two hanging baskets and the containers at the front of the house. I then plant c30 bedding begonias into the organ pipe bed. Mark then came to help put up the marquee - but we then decided to have lunch, which Meave made, involving a huge delicious salad from the garden. I then weeded the back garden, herb beds and bee area and tied up the quinoa which is getting quite tall and top heavy - not quite sure what to do with this when it is ripe. I also tied up some dahlias which always need careful attention - well deserved considering their magnificent flowers.

Early in the morning there is another polytunnel roof/cat mishap...this time it is Pip. The cats have not got used to the polycarbonate roof, they can walk along the ridge OK, but if they venture onto the sides they quickly slip and cannot save themselves by digging in claws, and they fall off! This is Pip's 2nd accident and Tig has fallen off twice as well - I feel very guilty! However, the polytunnel is practically finished and looks fantastic - it has a 'retro' look about it and the stained glass looks brilliant, it is a transformation! James and the girls cover the mushroom house so it is flat and attempt to make this area, which resembles a building site, tidier. There is generally lots of tidying to do. Andy returns and weeds the second bed of leeks and a bed of sweetcorn. Mary came again and was on general tidying duty - which she's very good at. I had to do loads of watering due to the ridiculous heat! Late that night, Meave and Diane ask for the Arcades music in order to practise and I realise I don't know where it is! PANIC!! I then spend ages looking for it -should have photocopied it - I then wrote a quote from arcades about ' noisom winds' and 'chill vapours' on the piece of wood that fits above the front doors of the polytunnel - I realise, it is 3:30am and I'm still up! Aideen laid the block paving in the polytunnel and then put back my tables and cabinet and left it for me to find - I was thrilled, it looks wonderful and I am so grateful to everyone in the family and I'm sure our visitors tomorrow will love it!

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