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Two groups in one day!


Aideen, who is in charge of bookings for garden visits, has obviously decided that I should be kept busy throughout half term, therefore we have two visits today! I am also on my own, so I spend the morning tidying and preparing refreshments. The only problem with having people visit the garden, lovely though it is, is it limits actual gardening work. This is something I will have to monitor because I am the only gardener and if I do not get things done, there will be no garden to see!

The first group are volunteer gardeners from Reveley Lodge in Bushey, they also bring their full time gardener (Ruary) and a trainee gardener. This is a little daunting as I'm sure he will view the garden differently from our normal visitors - I might even have to remember some plant names - not easy for a woman who is nicknamed Dory by her children! I needn't have worried, Ruary turns out to be lovely and listened intently to everything I said, so hopefully it made sense! We then had a visit from Loudwater Garden Club who came in the evening. Both of these groups had 21 people and they had a long garden tour and refreshments. They were very enthusiastic and complimentary. In particular people seem very interested in our recycling projects and our slightly eccentric ideas.

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