• Kay

Trying to fill the Vine Mount beds.

23 & 24 November 2019

Over the weekend, after Music School on Saturday and Church on Sunday, I carry on trying to top up the terraces and ground level beds of the Vine Mount with compost and leaf mould. Luckily, I have help from Meave and Diane at different times. I wonder how many barrow loads of soil, compost and leaf mould have been pushed back and forth to fill these beds – first digging it out and then filling it all back in – it must be hundreds but it feels like thousands. Like most things here, these are big jobs and they take us a long time but they almost always prove to be well worth all the effort and I hope the Vine Mount will be the same in years to come.

Because it is the weekend, I am visiting Dad at tea time and trying to get the work done outside in the afternoon. On Sunday, I dig up some Swedes, Parsnips & baby Carrots and pick some sprouts ( these are the most successful sprouts I have ever grown) to have later with a lovely hearty dinner of Shepherds Pie.

Over the weekend we visit Grandad at teatime. He is very pleased to see us but is very weak and frail.

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