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Trip to Wisley


Now my car is fixed I decide to have my trip to Wisley today, despite the uncertain weather. I generally find whenever I decide to have one of my solo visits to a garden, I am rained on frequently. Perhaps this is God's way of trying to keep me at home looking after our garden! I don't let it put me off, because I do need these occasional visits to recharge my batteries and inspire me. I haven't been to Wisley since the Winter and I am keen to see what is late flowering in their borders. I am not disappointed, Wisley is looking fantastic and I make lots of notes about plants that I like - grasses in particular. I learn some new things, such as, Juniper can host pear rust and that winter savoury goes well with beans! - these are the sort of things that interest me!!!

I visit the new exotic garden which is beautiful and shelter under the banana trees in a particularly heavy downpour! One of the treats of visits to Wisley or Kew, is browsing in their book shops...these shops sell lots of lovely things but I am only interested in the books! Also, Wisley has a library which sells off second hand gardening books which I love looking at and today I discover something very exciting, a complete set of 'The Gardeners Assistant' (6 Volumes), originally produced in 1859, this edition being 1925. I find it has a very interesting and informative section on mushroom houses, worth getting just for that! Unfortunately, their card machine is not working, but luckily I manage to scrape enough cash together - literally searching the bottom of my handbag - to buy this treasure! l then buy a few new books in the main shop and a beautiful spotty orchid for Aideen that reminds me of a Dalmatian. I then head off to the traffic jam that calls itself the M25, dreaming of carnivorous plants and giant lemon trees.

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