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Time to bring plants in


Today I brought Colin the cactus, Betty the Bougainvillea and the Parlour Palm (needs a name - usually chosen by my pupils!) back into the music room. This is a real sign, that summer is well and truly over and winter is on its way. I then started to bring in the succulents which are displayed in sinks, bird cages and on a table. This year I’m bringing them into the poly tunnel which I hope will be OK. Last year they came into the house, which I felt was too warm for them, I just hope the polytunnel will not be too cold. Apparently the main problem for succulents is being too wet so I don’t think they were appreciating our recent constant rain fall. I am collecting them together in my new corner area of the tunnel, they look beautiful. I also bring in their birdcages to protect them from the weather. There are many more succulents than at the start of the season, because I am potting up babies and off shoots. I have nearly finished when Violeta and Brett arrive with a banana tree that they are passing on to me. Violeta comes into the garden and is very impressed with the progress made since her last visit (spring opening). She invites me over to remove some plants from her garden that are becoming too crowded. I arrange to visit that afternoon and spend about 1 and a half hours digging up pink anemones, a clump of nerines and some violas. She has also gives me a plumbago and some gloriosa lilies in pots and a silvenberry which she says is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry. I am very pleased with my collection of plants, which fill my car - along with rather a lot of mud! Violeta seems very grateful to me for removing them, which has uncovered some buried paths, so it appears to be a ‘win win’ situation all round!

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