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Tidying Up

8 JUNE 2020

After watering this morning which involved changing yet another connecting section of the hosepipe, I think as these plastic pieces get older, the sunlight degrades them, either that or I am very heavy on hosepipes. I’ve decided to do a bit of tidying up today because the garden is beginning to get a bit messy. Piles of old poles left over from constructing bean wigwams, bits of old hosepipe used as siphons, piles of dried out weeds left on a path never making it into a wheelbarrow, and blocks on the side of the pond, removed when lowering the lilies. A very good discipline of having regular visitors to the garden is that you keep things tidy and I must try not to let good habits go.

I then went outside the front of the house to work on the organ pipe bed, first trimming off dead leaves and stalks of any finished bulbs, mainly tulips. Bulbs are beautiful in spring but it is always tricky knowing when it is okay to remove the leaves. It is important to leave them as long as possible for them to create food for the bulb for next year, but by this stage they are getting unsightly and need removing to make way for summer bedding.

I then plant out the 60 new Guinea Impatiens that arrived from Parkers a few days ago. It is important to get these in the ground quickly because they will become more and more root bound in their trays and then they are more vulnerable to wilting in any hot weather. I finish by giving this tricky bed a good soaking.

Whilst working out there I notice a robin fly into the hole at the back of one of the organ pipes… it would be amazing if a robin decided to make the organ pipe into a giant ‘missile’ shaped nesting box!

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