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Thumbs up from New Zealand


Today we were visited by Alan and Jenny from Hatchend Horticultural Society. This group originally visited in May and then Alan came back and very kindly gave us some plants that he had grown (beautifully) which were surplus to his requirements. He contacted us again because he had not been free to attend our NGS opening on August bank holiday and he wanted to see how the garden was getting on. He also had his sister and brother-in-law visiting from New Zealand and wanted to show them the garden. It was lovely to see them again and our New Zealand visitors were very appreciative. They are obviously kindred spirits because they showed me pictures of a salvaged observatory that they are rebuilding in their garden. When they left I sprayed the organ bed hedge and carried on generally tidying and dead heading. Our 'digging friend' seems to have reduced his activities so perhaps the warmer temperatures have made him relax his nut burying activities! I then have to come in and organise the music for church choirs and band, whose first rehearsal is tonight!

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