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The sun is shining

29 November 2019

Today is a beautiful day and I start very optimistically thinking that I should be able to get some time to work outside at some point. Our Re-Enablement Carer, an older no nonsense lady called Tina who visited yesterday, came to give Dad his wash, she had hoped that we would use the shower but it was decided that this would need some modifications before it was safe to use. Tina’s job is to get Dad to do as much as possible for himself, and she was very good at this. We then had a delivery of a range of equipment for Dad and then I spent the rest of the morning on the phone trying to work out how we can organise things for Aunty Jean to come to us, which will involve transferring from one Health Authority to another.

In the afternoon and having had a visit from the Nurse, which was followed by a trip to the Chemist, we started on a very frustrating round of communications with Aunty Jean’s hospital, who now seem to be completely denying that they agreed that it was ok for he to come and live with us. During the course of the afternoon, we seesaw between thinking Jean is coming, then not coming, then coming again! I finally escape outside at 3.00pm which was probably too late to achieve very much, but I was desperate to escape to the garden!

Inevitably, before long, I am called back in again to take a phone call from a Nurse for dad. I then remain with him until I have to go to my evening rehearsal, when Joy comes to take over care duties. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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