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The Spectre of Boxtree Moth!


Today is a very significant is Wednesday! For the past 8 years I would have been off to school for an early start at 8:30am (Junior recorder group) for a long (rewarding but challenging) day at our local Junior and Infants school, where I co-ordinated the music. I would take orchestras, choirs, singing assembles and class room music and by the end of a very busy day I would have seen every child from reception to year 6! I finished at 3:45 and would be home to start my private teaching at 4:00-9:30pm!! A very long day! Well I have now stopped teaching at the school and I think it will make a huge difference to me. Apart from the extra time to spend outside it will also help my energy levels. It is a very significant point in my life because although I am still mainly working as a professional musician/teacher, the garden has become part of my working life as well and the time spent caring for it has to be factored into what I do and I couldn't be happier about my changing circumstances. Today I am more productive outside and I spend ages deadheading the sweet peas - these are still flowering but are beginning to finish. I have been very pleased with the sweet peas, which have been much more successful than previous years and we have managed to keep them going all summer. Next year I think I will try to give them a deep trough of good compost so they will be well fed.

When I go outside the front of the house to check if the organ bed needs watering - it dries out ridiculously quickly - I notice that the newly planted box is looking in poor condition in places and it has obviously been attacked by box tree moth caterpillars, (there are several moths in the traps). It has been sprayed but it obviously needs attention. I clean it off with the hose and give it a trim (it hadn't been cut before) and resolve to spray it tomorrow with Xen Tari. I should probably be receiving a commission from the producers of this biological product because at every group visit I've been asked about Box tree moth and what to do about it and I've recommended this product!

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