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The Seed Sowing Continues…

8 April 2020

Today the plan is to sow as many of the vegetable seeds as possible, but as usual it is terribly hard to get started as my dad and aunt require almost constant attention. Diane is really trying to take some of the load off me, and Meave is helping in the morning and evening, but they still seem to require so much care. The main problem with my aunt is that she picks and scratches at herself constantly, we have resorted to putting a dressing on the cut on her nose because she makes it bleed, but now she constantly picks at the dressing. This results in us running into the Annexe at regular intervals to try and stop her, which results in everyone becoming exasperated, and then it’s time to make their lunch! I finally get going after lunch and I managed to sow an 84 module tray of leeks (5 varieties) and two 84 module trays of basil, one with mainly classic green basil and some red leafed basil, that other with more unusual varieties- Greek, Thai, lemon, Lettuce and Cinnamon. I then sowed a 40 module tray of beetroot (Detroit and Boltardy) a 40 module tray of swede (4 varieties) and parsnip (3 varieties). Then a tray of red cabbage (5 varieties) and Green early cabbage (8 varieties).

This is one of the wonderful advantages of growing your own veg, you can grow so many varieties and enjoy their subtle differences. When I have to buy veg in the supermarket, most things are clearly one variety only, and we are now being told to expect even less choice! In order to make space for these new trays of seed, I gradually move out trays of more established flower seedlings to the cold frames. But first I had to level out the soil and sweep off the weed suppressing membrane. The cold frames will be such a help this year, moving plants to them will harden them off and give me so much more space in the tunnel.

Later in the afternoon we take dad out for another walk and he spends at least an hour outside near the mount, and we all gathered together for a cup of tea. Patrick and James have started to lay the tiles on the Mount, now they have added the levelling compound (yesterday) to bring up the overall level. They start by laying the four groups of patterned tiles and it is clearly a very tricky job to get the levels is correct, I do not envy them. Late in the day a very annoying drone flies overhead which drives Bella crazy! I do not think it is okay for people to fly drones over other peoples gardens especially at the moment!

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