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The First Sweet Peas

21 APRIL 2020

I cannot believe the beautiful weather, there has literally not been a cloud in the sky for days. I am on my endless quest to produce the maximum amount of healthy plants, flowers and vegetables and to keep creating space to put them in. When I got into the polytunnel I notice the first few sweet pea flowers have opened. The sweet peas have reached the top of the walls and look very strong. It will be lovely when the flowers open because the smell will be glorious.

My plan today is to transplant zinnias, cosmos and marigolds from 84 cell trays to 40 cell trays to ‘free up’ the propagator and to give the plants more room to develop. In order to have space for extra trays (7) I have to move plants out into the cold frames. When I have done this I will sow more 84 cell trays of zinnias and cosmos and probably pansies and violas for the propagator and then I will start sowing the more tender veg in root trainers e.g. sweetcorn, beans, squash, pumpkins and sunflowers. I also have a couple of bags of onion sets to plant as well. I read in the paper today about gardeners being more ‘up to date’ with their gardening tasks than ever before because of ‘staying at home’, this must apply to me as well, but I still think I’m only keeping up by the skin of my teeth, God knows what I would do if I was working as well! I think this reinforces the fact that being a full time carer for two elderly relatives, running a 3 acre garden and working was probably too much! We received a message on our website yesterday asking for a family tree in order to clarify who was who in the blog, so for the benefit of anyone reading this blog who does not know us personally…

I think that’s everyone… Quite a commune!

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