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The Circus Continues..

28 November 2019

Our Carer for today, a lovely gentleman from Romania, arrives earlier than the Carers on the previous days. The day fills up with various visits and late morning, Patrick & I go to look at Denham Manor Nursing Home. This is to try and press our case for a place for a temporary respite place, locally, for Aunty Jean before she comes to us. This would appear to be much harder than I imagined - they apparently get four or five enquiries a day and places are very hard to get, hence why we are visiting in person. I am not sure that it has made much difference and we return home to find that we have missed a visit from the Physiotherapist for Dad. Luckily, she returns shortly afterwards and does what she needs to do. Poor Dad has quite a lot of issues that need to be attended to but hopefully we are getting through them step by step. We then have a visit from Tina, from the Re-Enablement Team who gives Dad a very detailed assessment. She is quite a character, who tells us that she enjoys a bit of banter with her patients. Dad gives as good as he gets, which she loves. Joy is coming over this evening to be with Dad while I take my rehearsal and I rush back at the end of the rehearsal to show her the bedtime routine in person as there will be times over the next few weeks where she will need to cover for me. Dad is very pleased to go to bed.

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