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The chicken arrives!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019


I spent the morning planting garlic - Solent Wight, Mersley Wight, Lautrec Wight, Extra Early Wight, Provence Wight, Carcasonne Wight, Early Purple Wight, Caulk Wight and Elephant Garlic. This year, I plant the garlic under about an inch of soil, previously, I have allowed the tip of each clove to poke out, in the same way that I plant onion sets. I am hoping this will improve the bulb size. At lunchtime there is a shout from the orchard from Patrick. The builder has arrived with the chicken - she is called Pecky - which says it all! Trust us to be taking on a chicken with issues! She has speckled feathers with a bald area on her lower back which might be due to the chicken mite. We release her into the smaller pen, whilst I put water and chicken pellets into the chicken house. The builder seems very grateful, and says she will think her new accommodation is luxurious and he might bring another chicken along. I am concerned that Pecky will live up to her name and peck any new arrivals. He reassures me that at least she doesn't generally peck people, I give her an apple which she seems delighted by. After settling down the chicken, I weed the bed next to the newly planted garlic in preparation for the Autumn Onions and Shallots and I finish the day with Aideen, helping Patrick, by barrowing ballast from the front of the house into the Kitchen Garden, to make cement to fill in the blocks before the brick layers come tomorrow. Mary arrives for a visit and helps by pushing some barrows as well. We just manage to finish this final job as it gets dark!

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