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Thankyou God for rain!


Not much achieved today, in the garden at least. I got up early to water, left for work and then went to the rehearsal and concert. All went well, but now completely exhausted, no watering tonight!


It rained last night, God took pity on us! and I only had to water the polytunnel - BRILLIANT! Also, the concert we should have been doing today, our music school extravaganza, has been cancelled due to a burst pipe in the hall and dangerous electrics. I went to church ( and thanked God for alleviating our stresses). I can't believe I have an unexpected day to work outside, and despite being extremely tired, I set to work clearing the 'early pea' bed ( which has now finished) in order to plant the leeks which are desperate to go out. The bed is not in 'good heart' so I soak it and add compost. I leave an edging of calendula, clearing the central area and plant 2 trays of leeks into hollows - this is to help them collect water. Aideen practises, then joins me to continue weeding the beans which are in the bed next door. She also does some dead heading - this is an endless job! Patrick continues digging in his mushroom house assisted by Meave, Diane and briefly Mary. I move on to dig up some garlic to make more room for leeks.

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