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Terrifying tree surgery


Today is a momentous day, so much going on at once. Patrick was the last to go to bed last night, at about 4am, I had left him at about 2:30am, and Aideen and Meave went to bed at 2am, this was due to the ‘final push’ on the office! Although, the decorating is almost completed and it looks fantastic, the girls had to carry out a major clean-up operation and finally Patrick had to remove all of his tools, wood, materials etc. I cannot believe how much better it looks, it has never been so clear and well organised, surfaces have been revealed that haven’t been visible for years. When Patrick’s secretary arrived, she was suitably impressed and said she felt like the queen! Only one problem…we received a forlorn phone call from Patrick asking, “where have the girls put my drawings?”. They had even found a place to put away his current work! Hopefully it will now be easier to keep organised because we have an allocated room for files – architects have to keep records for years! We are all hoping that this clearer, tidy workspace will make it much easier and more pleasant for Patrick to work and there is now a space for Meave to work undisturbed downstairs. Patrick tells us he doesn’t want to do anymore decorating now for at least a year…that will not impress Diane!

As well as Patrick’s secretary, two teams of tree surgeons arrive to try to finish the job on the wall. Once they are stuck into their work our small group of friends arrive. The tree surgeons on their previous visits have been unobtrusive, I barely even heard their chainsaws, but not today! There were moments on the garden tour where I had to shout to be heard and even from the far corner of the kitchen garden we could see men high up in the biggest trees with the ground crew below. This looked and sounded very alarming but it was purely because without shouting the men in the trees with chain saws and ear defenders cannot hear instructions. Some major branches were removed from the lower canopies of the big trees today and it looks quite amazing.

The group visiting today were very enthusiastic about the garden and I’m sure the tree surgeons added an extra exciting frisson to their visit. Before they arrived in between getting dad up to face the day, I gave the auricula theatre a good sweep and found two auriculas blooming which was a treat for this time of year.

When I was walking around with the group I was surprised to see the amount of wild bees buzzing about over the soil in the raised beds in the brassica quarter. There are hundreds of bees now, it is lucky that I have stopped weeding this area because they would probably get annoyed with me and chase me away. It is intriguing how they suddenly appear from nowhere.

The rest of the day was spent catching up on the blogs. Aideen is my vital aid for typing up the blog and she has been otherwise engaged for a few days decorating her dad’s office, collecting flowers to press and taking pictures which is why we got a bit behind publishing the blog.

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