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Temperature going up!


It is very hot today - too hot for plants - I can feel their stress! I get up early to plant two trays of lettuce - very risky considering the potential temperature - I will have to keep a very close eye on them and water them frequently. I then have a long watering session covering the sweet peas, roses, auricula theatre, containers, dahlias, fruit tree border, herb beds, back and front of house, polytunnel, pumpkins and cold frames - this takes several hours!!! I then weed and tidy the field border and finish by planting out the new pak choi.

Patrick finishes putting all the glass in the polytunnel and starts infilling the gaps with wood. This is a design modification, originally the gaps remaining around the windows was going to be filled with the polycarbonate sheeting, however, Patrick was doubtful that this could be done successfully and changed to his favourite material - wood - much easier to work with and fit and cut into awkward spaces. This will give a more solid appearance to the tunnel, which is fine because plenty of light will still be getting into the structure.

James and Aideen cut the beech hedge at the start of the drive and then clear fallen branches in the orchard and do some painting on the new infilled wooden areas on the tunnel - we use our trusty green. Diane spends hours tidying the storage sheds and does a magnificent job and Mary comes to sweep the paths. Mark visits briefly and paints some boards. I make a list of extra plants that I need to purchase and plant before the Open Day.

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