• Kay

Stressful Day

16 November 2019

Today is horrendous. Aideen and I have to work in the morning at Harrow Music School and then Meave joins us for the Trinity Rehearsal and Concert in the afternoon and evening. Patrick insisted that we did not back out of this Concert when the date for his operation came through but now we wish that we had not listened to him. Diane will be in charge of visiting Patrick today and my sister, Joy, will be in charge of visiting Grandad. Patrick is doing very well and to our amazement there is a possibility that he might be discharged tomorrow.

Things are not so great with Grandad, who is quite confused. This is not surprising, though, as his ward has three old gentlemen who are all very unwell, and with the constant chaos, rambling and shouting, I think it would confuse anybody. The Concert goes well but we are all exhausted and relieved to get home at the end of the day.

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