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Today I am mainly driven inside by the weather, lots of heavy rain. However, I do venture out to do some more deadheading, but after a loud clap of thunder I decide it would be wise to retreat. I bend down to unplug my extension lead (necessary to power my battered radio to provide constant Radio 4) from the outside socket on the side of the fountain - water and electricity- when the biggest clap of thunder I've ever heard explodes directly overhead! I rather inadequately cover my head with my arms - I don't know what good I think that will do - and rapidly gather my precious radio and extension lead and run for cover in the tunnel. Even Patrick comes out of his office to check the house ( and maybe me) are ok! Well luckily, I wasn't struck by lightening and I'm glad I managed to tie up some drooping Dahlias before they became too battered by the wind.

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