• Kay

Stitches out!


Before my appointment to have the stitches taken out of my head I finish planting the Borlotti beans and some other climbing French beans - Cobra.

The nurse complains there is so much glue on my head that she can't get the stitches out and leaves (1or2?) in place for me to fiddle with. My car has come out in sympathy with my head and refuses to start and I have to walk home with my shopping. When I get home I make a start on digging up the bulbs from the dahlia beds. These beds were so thickly planted with bulbs that it would be impossible to plant the dahlias in them without removing them!

For tonights dinner I start to use the last butternut squash that we have in store. The squashes have lasted nearly to the end of June which is pretty good going! I also pick a big bowl of peas and broad beans to add to the dinner. I know I've already mentioned this but I am so impressed with the peas this year - I hope the next crop will be as successful. It is also very encouraging to notice that the sweet peas planted around the fruit cage are growing well and beginning to flower. The wet conditions obviously suit this family of plants.

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