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Still very rainy!


I am determined not to complain about the weather but it is very wet and quite chilly. Both Mark and Andy had offered to come and help today but I didn't expect either of them because of the weather, but amazingly, Andy, still came. He cleared the last years leek bed which was very useful - I will now be able to plant the Kale. I put on my trusty shower cap and waterproofs and planted out the remaining sweetcorn, which again, I underplanted with nasturtiums and surrounded with Larkspur. I then clear the bed next to the Runner beans which was full of giant Chard plants that had gone to seed and weeded it and added 3 barrows of compost. After a while I was soaked through - I will have to pay a visit to the fishing tackle shop to get some decent waterproofs. I stayed in for a while to repaint some plant labels, changed into shorts - less to get wet, and went back out! I partly filled the bed with pea sticks and planted out the first root trainer of peas - Blauw Schakker. These were very long and leggy and desperate to be planted. I also start to weed around the spring onions which have disappeared into a thicket of weeds and self seeded rocket.

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