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Spending my money!


The weather is good today until heavy rain at 4:00 (which is fine because thats when I start teaching!) Today I put in my bulb order, it is expensive but when I count up the bulbs (c4600), I realise that the cost is unsurprising. When I plant the new bulbs, plus the tulips and daffodils I dug up from the dahlia beds (c1200) earlier in the year, I will be planting nearly 6000 bulbs - even more than last year (c5000)!!!

I finish off a few little things in the alpine beds and then put away all of the onions, shallots and garlic that have been drying out on the tunnel bench for weeks. The onions go into bags and I tie the garlic together in bunches. I take them to be stored in the lobby of the outside toilet! I then go outside to dig up all of the remaining potatoes to put on the newly vacated bench to dry before they go into storage…(I left this far too late last year). It is a good crop with lots of big potatoes, but not a huge quantity because we have already eaten lots of them.

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