• Kay


6 APRIL 2020

The day starts with a little light rain which is helpful for my new plants on the Mount and saves me a watering job. I start working in the Polytunnel finishing my job of painstakingly separating Anthirrhinum and the Nicotina seedlings. I end up with five, 40 modules trays of Anthirrhinium (200 plants) and six, 15 module trays of Nicotinas (90 plants). I then sow two 40 module trays of tomatoes - 16 varieties, and then decide to repot my celery and celeriac seedlings. It doesn’t feel as if I’ve done much and I note that last year I sowed the tomato and cucumber seed much earlier in the year, however I didn’t have so many flower seedlings already started or all the dahlias and cannas in pots, so I guess it is ‘swings and roundabouts’ - I only have one pair of hands! Digging out the path continues and progress is slow because they have decided to sieve the soil they dig out which is of a beautiful quality, but full of stones and rubbish, to sprinkle over the newly sown grass seed. James and Aideen do manage to clear one bed ready for potatoes but we probably need to clear at least six large beds because I want to plant the potatoes soon, it is lovely to have some help with this. Patrick is attempting a variety of jobs, including fixing locks on the poly tunnel doors and digging out broken bricks to use as hardcore for the path but he is being chased by Diane to also do little jobs inside the house. I admire her persistence!

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