• Kay

Slightly shell shocked


Feeling rather dazed I made a vague list of jobs to do and we were then visited by Jen and Alan from Hatchend Horticultural Society (they visited the garden after the last open day). Alan has grown some lovely plants that are surplus to his requirements, and he has very kindly offered them to me. These include some lovely Amaranthus and Tithonia that are much more advanced than my specimens, Alan is obviously a very expert gardener and I hope he grows too many plants in the future, we give them tea and cake. I then decided to look round our local garden centres for citrus trees and pots to plant them in. These pots will go either side of the doors of the fruit cage and would be moved under cover in the winter. My conclusion was to order the citrus trees online and ask Patrick to make the planting containers. I then decide to compile an inventory of all the random plants in the polytunnel waiting to be planted out. The problem with a 'holding bay' of plants is that some plants become buried by the growth of others and you forget what you have! I knew I had a selection of Clematis that were waiting to be planted onto obelisks, but 'obelisk production' has become delayed and the clematis were looking depressed, so I decided to plant them on the arches surrounding the vegetable garden instead. At least now I know what I have and I've decided where to put it - I just need the time to do it!!!

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