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23rd March 2020

Today the sun is shining and it is very hard to believe that anything could be wrong in the world. There is an air of expectation of important developments to come….we are expecting much more severe movement restrictions to be announced, primarily because of the irresponsible behaviour of many people over the weekend gathering in tourist areas.

The family discuss how we can obtain any further materials that we need to try and get delivered to enable us to continue with some of our projects to keep us occupied over the next few weeks. Patrick still has to visit his building sites to try and ensure that they are making them safe in preparation for potential closure for many weeks. Meave and Diane pop out to deliver some items to vulnerable elderly people in the Village for our local corner shop, who is so overstretched that he asked the girls for some help yesterday.

I eventually get outside and amazingly have to start my days gardening by watering pots and hanging baskets. We have only had a couple of dry days and watering becomes necessary. In one of my trays of new seedlings, I have some ornamental grasses and Tiggy, the cat, has been lying on the bench in the sun next to them and has chewed the tips of the leaves! I know cats eat grass for medicinal reasons but did she really have to choose my special grass seedlings.

I then continue with my precarious progress, planting out the Vine mound, teetering along the edge of the walls on my thinnest kneeler, planting in the ground cover perennials. This job is going to take some time! Before it gets dark, I also tie all of the Vine plants to the new support wires – at the moment they all look like dead sticks but hopefully they are not.

I decide to turn on the main foundation to see if it’s spout is still out of control – at the end of last year, the spout of water became unaccountably higher than it had been and was shooting out past the fountain bowls and wetting the wall and ground around the base. It did the same again and showered me with water. When I come indoors, I ask Patrick if he has received a message from the NHS. He has and is now house locked for 12 weeks. We all watch Boris’ announcement at 8.30pm and try to take in the implications of the new severe restrictions. We are certainly in unprecedented times. I am just thankful that we are all together – we must just try not to annoy each other too much!

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