• Kay

Shell Shocked


I do feel quite ‘zombie’ like today, stupidly I went to bed late again because I became embroiled with sorting out cake – we rather ‘over-baked’ and putting things away, I noticed that our crockery was muddled up with the church crockery which required un-muddling! Diane and boyfriend Theo departed for Bristol with a box of cake driven by Patrick. I spent some time debriefing with Aideen about the open day and we had a very pleasant lunch outside with the cats! Meave and James have gone back to work and I will be teaching later.

I do manage to start sowing the remaining seeds which include Butternut Squashes – 10 x Butterscotch, 10 x Butternut, 10 x Sweet Max, 4 x Pumpkin Wallaces Whopper and 2 x Yellow Hundredweight. When I am teaching that afternoon, I am so tired that I become confused between a clarinet and a bassoon scale much to the amusement of my pupil!

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