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Seed sowing


I spend most of the day in the polytunnel - a real pleasure in its refurbished state. I no longer have to keep dodging rain coming through the roof through countless tears and holes in the polythene - I am able to work and remain completely dry! I have decided to plant any seeds today that are OK to overwinter and be planted out early next year. First, I 'pot on' the apricot fox gloves that are getting too big for their seed tray - there are 24 of these, which will make a beautiful display next year. I then plant a modular tray of 40 Lychnis Coronaria ( Rose Campion) - a beautiful deep magneta flower with soft silver leaves which looked stunning this year amongst Verbena Bonariensis and Russian sage. I then planted 3, 84 cells trays of Ammi Visnage (I planted this plant for the first time this year, it looks quite like cow parsley and has become very fashionable in planting schemes lately). I'm not usually a follower of fashion but its delicate white flower heads are beautiful! The other trays are of Larkspur Giant Imperial Mixed and Stock Stardust mixed. It is great being in the new tunnel and I am joined by all three cats, who settle in different spots along the bench - very companionable.

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