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Seed planting Day


The weather is horrid, but I look on this as a good opportunity to plant my new seeds. It is a joy to be in the newly refurbished tunnel, what ever the weather! I plant a 40 cell tray of Spinach, half Samish and half Cymbal. Then two root trainers (32 sections each) of peas, Meteor and Kelvedon Wonder, which I double up again. Then a root trainer of Sweet Pea - Incense Mix - 35 seeds, which I must remember leaves 13 spaces for some of the new sweet peas when they arrive. I then plant an 84 cell tray of Spring Onions, half White Lisbon (winter) and half Matrix. A 40 cell tray of 20 Broccoli Stromboli, 5 Lettuce, Robinson Lactuca Sativa and 5 Cabbage, Advantage and 10 Komatsuna (Japanese greens). I then plant a 40 cell tray of 10 each of tatsoi, Rozette, Pak choi, Yuushou, Pak Choi, Green Revolution and Bokchoi. Another 40 cell tray of decorative Kale varieties that are also good to eat - 15 Candy Floss, 15 Emerald Ice and 10 Midnight sun. I finished with more companion planting flowers, two 84 cell trays of Cornflower - Blue Ball and California Poppy - Jelly Beans. I am happy with my days work, the bench is looking crowded with the squash and pumpkins at one end - looking very beautiful in front of the stained glass windows! and the array of seed trays and root trainers stretching towards the other end of the bench. It is a satisfying job planting seeds, but it can be quite fiddly because some seeds are tiny - smaller than grains of sand!

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