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We have an evening visit today, 6:30-8:30, quite unusual, and it will be getting dark by the end of it. I spend hours watering (although there has been a little rain) because I'm conscious that I have not watered as much as usual since the Open Day. I then have a long 'dead heading' session on the sweet peas - they are still flowering quite well, but the leaves are looking quite silver and white and some plants have died - but I can't complain as they are so much better than my previous efforts. I also dead headed the Dazzler Cosmos. Went to try and pick up my car which had broken down in Pinner, when Pat was borrowing it, it still would not start and had to stay in Pinner. When I returned I picked lots of runner beans, courgettes and tomatoes to sell to the visitors. Janet came to help with the refreshments and we decide to sell off some cake as some of it will not keep for the next visit and we shouldn't eat it all! I carried on weeding, removing field bindweed, from the potato quarter up until the last moment. The group were lovely but I had to hurry them round slightly because I was aware of fading light - the light was quite dim when we reached the arcaded wall at the end! It was a very successful visit and we received some lovely comments. Several people said it was the best garden that they have visited, mainly because it was so interesting. This is not the first time this has been said to us and it is very exciting to get such a response. Lots of people say the garden is inspirational and they don't believe that we don't have gardeners or extra help of some sort. I explain that I spend c.40 hours per week in the garden when I'm teaching and more time in the school holidays, they then ask what 'I'm on' to have so much energy - perhaps I should bottle our water and sell it as an energy drink.

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