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Saga of the missing sun hat!


When I went outside this morning it was clearly going to be a hot day. So I decided I needed to find my sun hat, which went missing a few weeks ago and I've been looking for it periodically ever since. I suffer from the usual problem of mothers with daughters, my stuff goes missing all of the time. However, I could not believe that anyone would borrow my sun hat which is deeply uncool! But, I could believe it had been scooped up by accident or put away somewhere unexpected. I spent nearly an hour turning the house upside down getting increasingly annoyed! I finally found all of my hats, summer and winter, stuffed into the coat cupboard. I was very relieved but also infuriated at the time I had wasted looking for it. I feel like the subject of those thrillers where the husband plays tricks on the wife to convince everyone and herself that she is mad! I stomp out into the garden to try to get something done before Mark arrives for his weekly gardening visit. I'm very impressed that Mark has kept coming, he is not here for very long and he is prone to pulling up the wrong thing but he is very strong and certainly useful if pointed in the right direction ! He seems to appreciate the exercise and the opportunity to top up his tan! I ask him to weed the containers in the fruit cage which he does in half an hour and then rushes off! I decide to finish sorting out the polytunnel which has become very weedy. I tied up the tomatoes again - they are growing very fast and also the cucumbers, we have already eaten two of them, which were delicious as always. I planted 12 new sunflowers amongst the tomatoes and cucumbers, the original sunflowers are now touching the roof of the tunnel and are blooming. Also one of the Glorioso Lillies is blooming which looks very exotic. I also plant out the scented geraniums in any gaps in the border. The rest of the day was taken up with watering and also cutting back some of the herbs like the Woad which have reached gigantic, floppy proportions. I went outside to water all the newly planted veg after my rehearsal.

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