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Roof complete!


Because of rain yesterday I only watered the polytunnel, melons and Auricula theatre this morning...however, the day was very warm and airless, so by mid afternoon things were looking thirsty, so I watered containers, dahlias and any new planting. I was out in the morning with Diane so I incorporated another visit to Nik's nursery to pick up more half price bedding. This is a very good system, I have now planted all of my own plants that I grew from seed or small plugs and despite planting more than 5000 plants - flowers and veg - I still have gaps! This coincides with Nik needing to sell off his bedding plants, which were always reasonably priced, but are now half price! This works very well for both of us...I stock up on cheap bedding and he shifts lots of stock. They are a lovely couple who work incredibly hard, they are never free (always working) on our open days which is a shame because 'Mrs Nik' especially is very curious to see where the plants end up. I invite them to drop by whenever they can to see the garden and we will give them tea and cake - they certainly deserve it!

On our return Anne dropped in for a quick visit and stayed for lunch. After she left I started planting 14 gazanias into the apple tree beds - very good value as these will probably 'over winter'.

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