• Kay

Rogue Squirrel?!


I make a very unwelcome discovery this morning - most of my newly planted dwarf French beans have been dug up!- I think by a squirrel because I discover nuts as I hastily try to replant them and repair the damage. While I’m restoring the beans, I deadhead the surrounding companion planting. Aideen decided to not practise today and to paint the kitchen all day …she is determined to try to get our kitchen looking respectable before my family visit on Sunday… she is a girl on a mission and I come in from the garden to help her, despite our guided tour day tomorrow. The difference in the kitchen just by repainting and finishing bits of woodwork is incredible, it is so much brighter. I am very happy because this room has been an eyesore for over 20 years and although it is still basic, it now looks beautiful, thanks to Aideen!

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