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Remembrance Sunday


Remembrance Weekend is a very important part of the St Mary’s calendar, and normally I would have organised a concert for the two choirs on the Saturday and we would have two services of Remembrance on the Sunday. Everything is different at the moment, all such concerts are cancelled, and the acts of Remembrance are very scaled back. Diane was still asked to play the Last Post, so Aideen, Meave and I went with her to attend the short, socially distanced act of Remembrance in the Anzac Cemetery. We went through the bushes between our driveway and the graveyard and took up position at the top of the cemetery. Diane played very well, which never ceases to amaze us considering she takes out her ancient bugle the night before and has a quick blow, and just plays it the next day! The only music was ‘God Save the Queen’ and ‘I Vow To Thee My Country’ by Gustav Holst. By verse two of the Holst, I was in tears. I am a very emotional person but I was not expecting to react this way. I think the combination of the music, it being Remembrance Day and seeing familiar faces from church was a bit overwhelming. I haven’t attended indoor church services since March because of my situation with dad and I obviously have not been able to rehearse the choirs. This makes me very sad because I love the people in the choirs and I miss them. It was lovely to be able to say hello to people (at a distance) and then we departed back through the hedge, returning to our own little world.

When we got back we decided who would be doing what jobs. James was already raking up leaves on the drive and Meave joined him. Patrick got into trouble with Diane for being reluctant to go into his workshop to sort out his store of wood. Patrick, as usual, was busying himself in the fresh air, tidying stray bricks from in front of my forest garden bed. Aideen continued collecting leaves on the tractor/mower and then makes a bonfire. The leaf pile is now enormous which is great because leaf mould is brilliant.

I take a box of daffodil and narcissi bulbs out to the driveway to plant them along the edge of the drive. By the end of the day, I have planted 15 bags – 375 bulbs.

In the evening, I join Aideen and Diane by the fire, which is very nice and we reflect on the day and the highs and lows of lockdown.

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